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[E] when love strikes!

13hb and 14hb ni kami minta cuti kat AITI. Ade 2 sebab:

1. Sebulan kami dpt 2hari cuti, so sajela nk relaks!
2. Coz something happened on 13th March, 4years ago..

'our story' began when one of my friend (A) had a crush on win's friend (RSB). 'A' used my HP to misscall 'RSB' and 'RSB' used win's HP to misscall my number. that's when we started sms each other.. i asked him where did he get my number and so did he! (at that time, we didn't know each other) so we kept sending sms.. and more sms to each other mostly on our interest -anime! until 1day my friend (win's classmate) guessed win's name and on our first guess, it was rite! then, my friend showed win to me on the day we had our math final exam.. hehe, my first impression was "he looks like a low-profile guy.." (and i wasn't wrong) i told win that i've 'seen' him that day, and he said that he wanted to 'see' me too. so the next day, i called to tell him that i was on my way to Kinokuniya KLCC – alone and said "meet me there if you want to know who i am". huhu, after 2 hours reading books for free at Kino waiting for win, he finally came and we met.. (but with his friend!) -_- he treated me dinner at KFC.. and the day was 13th march 2002.

p/s: my english is poor+horrible+terrible! but i really want to improve it. inform me if there is any error..tq -_-

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