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[E] a room called my own

it’ been almost 2 weeks since i stayed in room w1-610. some of good things staying alone in a room called “my own” <– temporarily:

  • great view from my window.. i can even see Win’s motor coming down the hill when he’s on the way to my hostel!
  • decorate my own room with my own style! yeay²! no more ugly hand-made cards + teddybear wrapping-papers stick on my room wall (well, she alwiz did these..)
  • more space to put my stuff.. neatly!
  • listen to my MP3.. as loud as i want + songs that i love!
  • watch movies + animes without interruption!
  • listen no more same old stories..over and over again from her!! Thank God..
  • last but not least.. i can rest peacefully + sleep as long as i want specially on weekends!

but still, there are not-so-good things though..:

  • i have to pay the electrical devices’ (iron + water heater + charger + PC) fee for my hostel. Total = RM8 per semester!
  • clean the dustbin + sweep the floor + wipe the desks by myself (i’m lazy.. lazier than Garfield!) huuuu…
  • sleep alone at night is not acceptable for ‘penakut’ (xtau english term for penakut -_-x.. coward macam tak sesuai la plak) like me.. i couldn’t get enough sleep at night (for the 1st week) and sometimes i overslept the next morning! huhu..

luckily, i slept better last nite! i think, if i set my mind “there is nothing behind me” @ “there is no ghost watching me sleeping” @ just shut my eyes closely..and try/force myself to sleep.. i can!

the only unfortunate thing is, she kept coming to my room although i never invite her in! she told me the same old stories i heard before, asking me bout things.. oh God, doesn’t she realize that i hate her doing that? plz.. do not come to my room anymore… hahaha!

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  1. July 21, 2006 at 7:42 PM

    hehehe dotz ;)..makin ko lari makin dikejar la plak nampaknyer :).. run baby run 😉

    at last dapat la ko decor bilik as u wish to.. good for u then :)..

    jangan risau.. tiada apa yg akan mengHANTUi ko setiao malam ;)…kalo takot sgt (sbb gelap gelita) ko beli la lampu tido ker..bukak 1 lampu meja ker ;)..hehehe..

    gud lucks 4 PSM..;)

  2. July 24, 2006 at 12:22 PM

    hehe.. thanks sebab memahami aku.. aku mmg dah ade lampu tido.. mmg tido ttp lampu sume, pastu bukak lampu tido yg warne merah yang aku baru dpt = hadiah besday! huhu.. tak leh nk lari sebab besfren die ade kat sblh blk aku daaa…

  3. July 28, 2006 at 4:06 AM

    (meh aku ajar ko jadik jahat :P) nak?? ko kunci pintu..bagus tak idea aku? hehehe.. sabar jer la dotz 😀

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