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[W] my dream system… or not…

Hoyoyo.. at last i was able to buy a 512 DDR2 667MHz Kingston Value RAM last week on.. Wednesday.. issit? i forgot already..-_-.. i also bought a 450W PSU coz the new mobo needs a 24-pins PSU (my old PSU is only 20-pins). Actually, i wanted to buy a Corsair RAM.. but the store i went had sold them out, and i was too lazy + exhausted (maklumla puase) to go to other store, so i pun beli je la… malas nk pikir2 dah.

so on Friday night i began to disassemble my old system & installed the new one. that night, I went to bed after the formatting + windows setup finished at 3 a.m+-. From the 1st moment i logged on to windows, i felt the different… the loading was fast (faster than my old system at least)! and 4 the 1st time since 3+ years ago, i was not afraid of my windows reboots and shutdown by itself! haha..

it’s dissapointing that i have to share 128MB of my main memory to the GeForce 6150 integrated GPU. the result: my friend told me that nfs: most wanted is loading toooo slow! the color is also not as pretty as ATI’s. the main point is, in term of graphic, i’m not satisfied.

so i think as long as i don’t play games, my new system is perfect. but in the future, i’ll definitely upgrade this system with a new 512MB RAM stick (or more) + a brand new ATI GC.

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