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[ E ] D o – I t – Y o u r s e l f

i used to live with my sister before, but since she is now married and moved out from our rent house, so here i am.. living alone since the last 6months. so far, i managed to settle everything all by myself, of course with a lot of help from my parents, siblings and my boyfriend, Zuhrin 🙂

living alone in an apartment is NOT easy. i have to:

  • pay house rent
  • pay bills
  • pay car loan + PTPTN
  • clean the house
  • cook
  • buy home appliances

all by myself.. and luckily i have Zuhrin, who always be there when i need him 😀

i must admit, it is hard to live alone and do everything by myself. but i always tell myself that i have to keep moving forward. till when do i have to depend on others? sooner or later, i have to live my own life, have my own family and before all that happen, i have to prepare myself. i can afford to take care of myself for now, but can i afford to take care my own family in the future?

i appreciate all that i have now even more since i earn money from my own effort. always thank Allah for everything that i have now. always remember to send money to Mak & Ayah every month & give ‘sedekah’ to masjid and people who need it. please remind me if i forgot any of the above..

how about u? have u tried Do-It-Yourself in ur life? till when should we depend to our parents & family? isn’t it time for us to help them instead?

if we are working, i think we should do our work as best as we can. PLEASE … don’t sit at the office and surf the internet more than 80% of our office hour. then simply wait for the end of the month to get the salary. (this might sound like what i did) but at least, we should contribute something to our group and the company where we work, right? don’t get ‘gaji buta’ every month..

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  1. January 22, 2008 at 12:10 PM

    yerp..it’s quite hard to manage it all alone..

    mcm aku..i’m still living with my parents..so mmg take most of everything for granted..no-need to pay all bills..

    duit aku mostly utk kegunaan aku je..aku just top-up sket2 utk adik² yg masih di uni..n help my parents if they need to buy new home appliance

    need to applied D-I-Y to myself this year i guess 😛

  2. January 22, 2008 at 12:24 PM

    ya.. let’s D-I-Y this year!

  3. February 4, 2008 at 4:35 AM

    bagus2… ley maju company kalo sume org pk cam “kita” kn??

    p/s DIY for life!!!!

    ( lets hang out ! win+edot )

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