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[E] when I want something very badly

when i want something very badly, i would do anything.. ANYTHING for it. be it loans, easy-payments or swipe Zuhrin’s CC.. huhu ^__^. why didn’t i get my own CC? because i might get into troubles if i have my own CC.. i am very easily influenced especially when there are promoters~ duh! if the CC is Zuhrin’s.. it would take two ‘brains logic’ to decide whether to buy the thing or not.. 😛 (but somehow, maybe Zuhrin is getting tired of paying the CC bills (which i used most), so he asked me to apply my own CC -___-! )

the good thing about this bad habit is (do we get good things from bad things? i think so~), i would get the thing that i want! la la laa~ this can be a very good ‘therapy’ for those having emotional problem –> like me! yerp, i sometimes think that i am insane.. but who cares? as long as we can live happily ever after~

p/s: CC refers to credit card for this post

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  1. March 6, 2008 at 11:58 AM

    cess.. org srh amik CC utk petrol je.. lain2 hal tu utk emergency je la, gaji kite kn slalu msk lmbt.

    jgn la pi jolly plak.. CC sy tu pun setakat ni xde gune utk bli bende merepek2 pun. sumenye keperluan. kalo sy amik CC tu sbb nk satisfy kemahuan, dh penuh dh gundam kat umah tu. hemohemohemo..

  2. March 7, 2008 at 10:16 AM

    alaa~ kalo sy ade CC nnt sy beli bende yg merepek. awk takpela, jenis yg pikir panjang. sy jenis yg pk “Xkire.. nak jugakkkk~” so bek sy byr cash tuk petrol.. and byr ansur kat kedai. kalo xleh byr ansur kedai, br sy minta swipe CC awk 😛

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