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[E] Destinasi Bajet (Chemor)

Day 1: (May 1, 2008)

my sister in law was craving for edible honeycomb with honey (she’s 9mnth pregnant. why are pregnant women crave for such thing aaahh?) so that evening Abang drove us to The Bee Farm, Cameron Highland. we got there but the shopkeeper won’t sell the honeycomb. she said “aiyah! this honeycomb is wax! cannot eat!.. no sell!” hahaha.. we kept on searching for places that sell honeycomb and finally found it at one of the flower shop. it is called Pure Honey, a box containing 7 small cups of ‘young’ edible honeycomb & honey cost RM70!! (gila?) i tried it, but it was dem sweet that i got honey-rush in my head. if I got pregnant, i won’t crave for such thing..! oh.. on our way back home, we went to the veggie farm which my mom won’t miss if we go to Cameron. Picture: Ashraf and Diana with tomato plants.

Day 2:

it was so hot back in Chemor, so we went to Ulu Chepor river (Chemor) to ‘mandi’! it was Friday, so we got free admission and free ‘wakaf’ near the river bank. Ashraf dived like crazy and almost drowned! i showed my diving skill to him (i learned from Yan @ Infosys pool) and he said “macam Duyung!” (like a mermaid!) huhu~ i think it is more like dugong, not duyung!

Day 3:

nothing much. bought return ticket to KL that evening and ate laksa and mee rebus at the most favorite ‘makan’ place Mee Rebus Ramli near Tasek. Ipoh. yumm yumm! i went to Maybank and found out that April salary is NOT banked in.. demmmm!

Day 4:

last day~ mom cooked so i ate as much as i can! yummm2! we went out to the bus station early coz mom wanted to show me this lake.. called Gunung Lang Lake, Tasek. (free admission)

gosshh! these fishes are huge! and colourful!

it was such a great holiday for me! i ate, i dived, i slept all the time i wanted!

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  1. May 5, 2008 at 12:11 PM

    oo.. diving ye.. patutla sunburn..

    gaji xmasuk lg? same la kite. mkn megi je la bulan ni..

  2. May 5, 2008 at 12:17 PM

    ala diving kat sungai, bkn kat opened kolam renang.. mane de sunburn terok sgt..~

    haah gaji xmsk lagi! ahaha, sy baru je mkn megi, lps ni nk cari resepi lain yg gune megi.. bosan daa msk cam biase…~ huhu

  3. Tny
    May 8, 2008 at 7:26 PM


    R u kidding?
    Betoi ka ni Edot? Ida yg suka masak sup so-on tu? 🙂 Klo real, syioknya *hugz*

    Holiday?Japanese cup fish.. uuisshk!!! kt umah pun bela ikan tu 😉

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