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Jln Kuda Emas

Jln Kuda Emas

after a year working here in Mines Waterfront, only today makes me realize that my route to the office is different from others. there are NO traffic jam (and won’t be any), NO tol, NO speed trap, NO road blocks and many other NOs.

there is a ‘secret’ route for me to get to the office via Jln Kuda Emas. only those who got MINES sticker could use this road. everytime i enter Jln Kuda Emas from Guard Post B, i can’t help my jaws from dropping and yelling “WOW~”. there are bungalows along the way, near the Mines Golf Resort. the road ends when i pass through Guard Post A, where i can see horses running in a gated track. it is the Kelab Lumba Kuda, which i don’t know what it is for. i guess, there’s where people watch the horse race. is there any gambling involve, huh? (wondering..)

about 700 meters from the Kelab Lumba Kuda, there’s a 7star hotel, The Palace of Golden Horses. that’s where important guests stay, such as the Chelsea football players! (my friends saw them practicing football at the hotel’s field). i think i saw the world’s best tennis players there too, on his way out of the hotel.

right after the hotel’s main entrance, there’s a small entrance to the back of the hotel heading to Mines Waterfront. that’s how my boring working days start..

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  1. July 29, 2008 at 8:58 PM

    lumba kuda? tu tmpt judi ‘halal’.. heh~ halal la sgt..

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