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[E] So now I know



it’s been 1 week after my dental treatment! i noticed that i had no bleeding gums during brushing and when i asleep..yeay~ i love brushing my teeth nowadays, both because i got a new soft-bristled toothbrush and because i can see no blood everytime i spit during brushing. sorry if this sounds gross.. 😛

so now i know that NOT ALL the dentists are bad people. i am so sorry that i had a very bad impression towards you, doc. i promise that i would take a very good care of my teeth and also make new appointments to see you to have my restoration, when i am ready with the money and the guts.. haha~ FIY doc, i am marrying a new habit, brushing my teeth before i go to bed. my teeth don’t look any whiter though (coz they never will be), but i assume that i am getting the point that brushing is.. to get rid of those food stucked in between my teeth, rite? i might sound stupid but.. before this i think that brushing are to whiten my teeth. but it didn’t, my teeth looks as though they hadn’t been brushed for years.. so i thought why should i brush? but don’t worry doc, i have changed now. i don’t know if my bad breath problem has solved, but i really hope it will. i don’t want to see anyone (people whom i speak to) to endure the awful smell of my breath.

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