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[E] i want more.. MORE! a-ha-ha-HA

Baju kurung with Mata Lalat (collar decoration)

(the image is blur tho.. thanks to my handphone camera)

i got this maroon kurung fabric @ Tewah last 2days. but when i look at it several times, aiyoh~ it looks like a curtain! ah lantakla~ so i bought it, cut it, sent it for ‘jahit tepi’, then sew it! tadaaa~, it is completely sewn and i am satisfied with my work. of course, there are ‘senget’ here and there but who cares.. i am the one who’s wearing it anyway.

i drool over kurung fabrics nowadays.. but instead of choosing any fabric because of its design and colors, i will choose fabrics that can be easily sewn and comfortable to wear. pantang tgk kedai kain, mesti rase nk masuk singgah jap. it was like something inside me yelling “i want more.. MORE baju kurung! ahahaha~”

i’ve been thinking.. maybe when i am expert in making these, i might consider to quit my job and focus on this business.. 😛 but for time being, this job would be my side income.. huhu~

i am learning new things.. and so do others. i read my friends’ blog and some of them are going through new life and they are adapting to it. one of them has started to learn to cook and happy with her cookings.. I am happy for her~  :mrgreen: as for me, i am preparing myself to enter that ‘life’.. huhu

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