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[E] Life is not a fairy tale



When i was a kid

  • I helped my parents selling ‘kuih’ near a factory. it was easy, pack the kuih and return the balance. i think, then is when i learned Math intensively. 😛 My salary? i forgot..
  • I helped my uncle selling fried bananas. I got RM1 per day! huhu~

After SPM

  • I worked as an assistant in a bakery shop. I baked cakes, muffins and biscuits. My salary? I forgot the basic salary but it wasn’t much. but one thing i remember, for each Almond London biscuit i made, i earned ten cent (RM 0.10). i think you can figure how little much my basic salary was.

Semester breaks

  • I made pie-tee (top hats) during the fasting month. I sold 100 pie-tees for RM7. only 5 people ordered, so i managed to earn RM35. (making a single pie-tee is quite hard)
  • I worked as a bus conductor with my Ayah (dad) as the bus driver. It was illegal to be a bus conductor without a certificate, so Ayah told me that if we were caught in a roadblock, i should act as the passenger and he’ll tell the JPJ that the the bus conductor is on leave. 😛 My salary? Ayah gave me RM20 per day, for working from 6am to 3pm.
  • I worked as a salesperson in a garment store from 10am to 10pm. I was the one walking with a measurement tape on my neck and asking people if they want to buy trousers. If they do, i had to measure their waists and help them find the right sizes. My salary? RM250 per month.
  • I worked as a tuition (Math and Science) teacher. I also taught computer classes. My basic salary was RM200 and commissions given based on how many students i taught.
  • I worked in Pizza Hut as Service Crew. This is the best working place i’ve ever been. I took orders and delivered pizzas to dine-in customers. I met different kind of people and learned different ways to deal with them. Some people treated me well, but some did not. The best part was, I got free small pizza for every 8 working hours! but I didn’t gain weight though i had pizza every single day.. -__-  My salary? RM3 per hour. I got triple pay on public holidays! i loved working on public holidays.. but the worst weekend working in Pizza Hut was the day i had to wash ALL the dishes all by myself for 8 hours straight!

After degree

  • I worked as a RND Engineer Trainee with a salary of RM800. minus RM200 / month used for my home rent 😦 so i ate maggi everyday.

My current job status.. I am barely bear-ly working. haha!

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  1. mokhzaini
    October 21, 2008 at 11:23 AM

    of course honey, the life is all about hard work. life is not a bed of roses

    forget about working smart. because of all things, first u have to pull out the jabbobag and start working. for me, working smart is only for people showing off how good they can be. and alot of people love showing off how good they can be. in the end, just few passed, and alot crumbled for deadlines.

    but ::respect:: for your past previous working experiences. its not all people can work as bus conductor and earning something that consider (for me) as cheapos. change money. and also i envy to those who can carry themselves in the working streams, like u did. we are not permitted to working during study breaks, due to our parents super strong insistence for us to ‘do nothing but relax’ before going back hammering books like hell during semesters.

    The Latin para phrase i would like to pass on to u is ‘Nehel Sine Labore’, which means ‘Nothing Without Working’. That phrase first appears when I was reading my night reading ‘supplement’ (to speed up sleeping of course! 😉 ) book about Sir Alex Ferguson, the current manager of English football club Manchester United. Basically the book is about his personal life being born in Govan, and spent his young time as a toolmarker before pursuing his next career as football player before becoming football club manager. The phrase is what written on his door – at the club’s manager office – reflecting what he believed the only reason he would become the very best of them all. Working.

    The spirit embloned by the phrase is all that matters. May that be your guidance for your next life journey, edot. see ya!

  2. October 21, 2008 at 11:42 AM

    again, very well said.. Mokh.

    the main reason i wrote about my working experiences is to show some people out there, that life is not easy. i have put myself inside some different shoes (betol ke penggunaan ayat ni?) and i know how those people in that every different shoes feel.

    so when i see them, i treated them the way that i wanted others to treat me when i was in their places. i don’t yell when i want to make orders @ the restaurant, i’ll try my best to give the exact amount of bus fare to the bus conductor, i asked for help from the sale assistant when i want to buy trousers.. (don’t mess up the racks, plz) etc. that can simply make me happy and i hope they are happy too.

  3. October 21, 2008 at 3:12 PM

    what’s most important is appreciation the experiences & learn to respect other peoples job 🙂

    life will become easy if we know how to deal with it 😀

  4. October 22, 2008 at 8:02 AM


  5. ain
    October 29, 2008 at 8:55 PM

    edot dearie… syukur to Allah for all the experiences that you’ve had. Allah is carving out the path for everyone of us to make us into a better person. Insyallah all these experiences should have made you a stronger person mentally, physically,emotionally as well as spiritually. Spend some moment to find the hikmah in each of the experiences and I’m sure you’ll be thanking Allah like you’ve never done before. Eternal happiness will always be yours even if you have to walk on a bed of nails, if you know and realilze that it will bring you nothing but closer to Allah and have Allah’s blessings. So, no matter how hard your probs or dugaan will be, bersyukurlah and bersabarlah. Insyallah big rewards will be waiting for you for this is always Allah’s promises on each of us. hahaha maybe I sounded very like the ustazah one, not quite actually..ahaks..watever larr…

    but one thing for sure, I’d really like to see you at the top some time nanti insyallah. And hopefully this will be our jihad for islam in the 21st century. So I guess this would wrap up what I had to offer you on my last day in ITActual la kan kuikuikui. okler.. Wassalam. -Ain-

  6. October 30, 2008 at 10:05 AM

    sedihnye bace nasehat kak ain nih… huhu. tenkiu and wish me luck. i’ll keep updating my life in this blog so that u would know.. heh

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