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[E] Wedding and gathering

one down, more to go!

one down, more to go!

oh, i just can’t believe how we’ve grown so much from the day we left our secondary school, Sek. Men. Sains Sultan Mohd Jiwa, Sg. Petani. we were the 1996 – 2000 batch.

the bride is our friend, Aiziera who was one of the toughest girl i’ve ever known. she was the best goalkeeper in our hockey team, a basketball player, a bola baling goalkeeper and also the captain of the KRS cadet. but looking at her on her wedding day, she is nothing like she used to be when we were teenagers. awww..~ so ‘ayu’! 😛 NEway, Selamat Pengantin Baru!

everybody changes. (from left, middle row)

  • Sazila.. she is so quiet.
  • Musi is now a doctor in Manjung Hospital
  • Maidayah is going to be a dentist
  • Chieffy is an engineer in Indah Water, Penang
  • Wani, erk.. i forgot. sorry -___-
  • Azamira is going to further her study in Deutschland next year.
  • Azura is a lecturer in a private college. (next to her is her husband holding their newborn baby)

back row:

  • me, a coolie. LOL
  • Kittina is a Thai speaking accountant in Shell.

more pix of us:

ours next.. maybe

our's next.. maybe

he ho he ho

he ho he ho

for more pix, view my Picasaweb.. click here

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  1. masz
    December 2, 2008 at 2:25 PM

    edot… aku yg dok sebelah pengantin tuh ko tak nampak ker?!!! by the way, aku ni housewife… dok umah tunggu laki aku balik jer… heheh…

  2. December 2, 2008 at 3:17 PM

    alamak mastika.. sori mori.! tertinggal sebab ko kecik sgt! aku dh nk tulis, tp tatau ape keje ko. ala, jadi isteri solehah dpt pahala.. hehehe

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