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[E] Judge me by a piece of paper

i went to many interviews and also had to take assessment tests during my job-hunting session last year. let me share with you some.

i took two assessment tests from two different companies interview sessions, one was a Java test from Ex and the other one was a logical-thinking test from Ax.

the Java test, consisting of 20 challenging and tricky selective questions, very technical. there were weighted answers. it means, the best answer scores the highest marks. i failed the test, 29/60 marks which meant i was not eligible for the interview session.

but still, the HR persons gave me chance to go for the interview session and prove them that i worth working in that MNC company. during the interview, we discussed over the exam paper that i’ve taken earlier.

15 minutes after the interview, i got the result. i got the job offer.

during the salary negotiation, i was offered my expected salary (which is slightly higher that the current one). i tried to ask for more, since it’s a MNC company but they refused. they’d treat me like other fresh graduates because i failed the Java test.

so all this 17 months of working as a Java Programmer experiences seemed worthless to them? just because i failed that test? pfft~

i hate being judged by that piece of paper. i still am.

in another interview session with a different company, i took an assessment test consisting of three logical-thinking-test questions and an English essay. i had to write some pseudocodes / algorithms and draw some flowcharts. i did my best but i stumbled on the second question. it was tough and i was damn nervous.

after 2 weeks, i got a phone call. i passed the test and had to go for the interview session. we discussed about the test and the interviewer noticed that i did not complete the second question (which i told u i stumbled). she told me to try solving the question in Java codes.

and so i did, once i got home after the interview. i emailed the codes to her hoping that the interviewers could see how determined i was (and still am) to get the job.

after a month, i got the job offer from Ax. if i were judged by that assessment test papers and they think that i had what it takes for the position, i am not hating it.

ps: it means, some people are good in solving problems though they have no idea how to solve it technically. don’t judge people by a piece of paper.

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  1. January 7, 2009 at 9:20 PM

    mak oi..cam susah jek interview tuh..tapi aku mmg setuju sangat : Never judge a person by a piece of paper!!!!

  2. January 8, 2009 at 7:36 AM

    haha, interview yg ade test mmg agak susah. tp kat situla baru tau kat mane kelemahan kite yg selame ni maybe tak perasan.

    betol. never judge people by a piece of paper. contohnya a piece of Degree / Master /PhD Certification.

    maybe some people dpt Kepujian Kelas Pertama, even segala pingat pon dapat. tapi tak semestinya dia boleh buat kerja, tambah2 technical job.

    orang yg tak dapat kepujian kelas pertama tak semestinya tak pandai buat kerja. malah ramai antara orang ini yang lebih pandai buat kerja dari graduate Kelas Pertama.

    setuju x?

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