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[E] Junctions

Imagine, we are walking on a straight road. We have to choose every time there are options, let say the junctions.

To do or not to do. To go left or to go right. To change or not to change. We hesitated. We want to make things right.

But along the way, we’ll meet other people. People say,

“Hey, if you take the left turn you’ll find a long, winding road. You won’t be safe there. There are wolves and bad people everywhere too. You’ll find yourself in trouble if you take that road.”

“Better take the right turn. It’s easier. There are food stalls along the road too. The people there are nice. Here, I’ll give you extra money so that you can buy food if you feel hungry. Just don’t turn left.”

I faced the same situation when I was about to change job. In my case, i chose to take the left turn. Yes, the road which most people told me not to take.

I hope I made the right choice. Maybe five years from now, I’ll look back and say,

“Thank God I took the left turn.” and continue my journey with a big smile.

or maybe I’ll regret and say, “I wish I could have chosen the right turn.”

Nobody knows what’ll happen in the future. Let’s pray that the choice which we’ve made lead us to a better life. Amin.

ps: Inspired by Yoe’s entry.

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