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[E] Infy vs Axon

The title should be: Training in Infy VS Training in Axon

The Environment

  • in Infy Mysore, the Global Education Center (GEC) is the building where all trainees are gathered in big scale classes. It is built with ‘air terjun’, which we can hear the sound of water flowing down along the main stairs. I miss the sound and.. the smell too.
  • in Enterprise 4, (where Axon training room is situated) I can hear the same water-flowing-down-along-the-stairs sound, and it smells just like when I was in Infy Mysore ^__^. Just that the training room is only a small room with 15-20 trainees can fit it at a time. It’s better. The lesser, the closer we’ll be.

The Pantry

  • in Infy Mysore, we can get our daily dose of coffee for free from the dispenser outside the class. Remember the tea? It tastes funny, they added ‘buah pelaga’ in the tea. -___-!
  • in Axon, we can get our coffee, milo and tea for free from the same-looking dispenser. The tea is much better, no ‘buah pelaga’ added ^__^ The pantry is provided with basic needs, like my dream kitchen! The red & black kitchen cabinet with double-sinks, and everything that you’ll need to make your drinks. Nothing to brag about, the pantry is not mine and I am not going to work in the pantry anyway -___-

The Trainers

  • in Infy, the trainers always RECAP everything they thought for that session.
  • in Axon, I assume that they forget to recap. so i forget the whole session points.

ps: it is actually a little bit early for me to make the comparisons between these two companies, coz i have just been here in Axon for only a week -___-!

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  1. February 24, 2009 at 10:43 AM

    ade CCD x? eheh

  2. February 24, 2009 at 1:39 PM

    CCD je tade. kalo ade, sah aku cite kat sini. keh3

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