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[E] What makes them different

I am undergoing a 6-week training and this week is the soft-skills-courses-week. The two different courses were conducted by private organizations, both are Language Works and Learning Edge Consultant.

Language Works provides our English Edge courses. The courses were delivered in a very interesting ways, yet effective. One of the trainers is Mr. Brian Cracknell, a British man who has lived in Malaysia for 26 years. He is a very strict trainer, really STRICT one. He corrected our pronunciations, annunciations and even scold us for misspelled words! Yet, a very funny person too. Believe it or not, he is the Director of Language Works.

Learning Edge Consultant provides the Consulting Skills courses. The trainer, Mr Perthpal delivered the courses very effectively. He has this persona/charisma that makes all of us keep staring at him and listening to every single word he said. Believe it or not, he is the founder/CEO of Learning Edge Consultant.

If I am the CEO of my own company, I will not bother to work. I rather sit at the office and send some other trainers to do the works. I believe, many of us Malays has this attitude. The boss doesn’t have to work.

But what makes these two CEOs different from me? This difference is the main reason why I am not the CEO of my company. I am MALAS.

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