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[E] Guilty

Comot (my car) and I stuck in the traffic jam everyday. When we stop and wait in the queue, we could see other cars passing by us and I would say, “See that Comot? That car! The red one. Ohh~ it is so..” and then I complete the sentence silently in my heart.

I couldn’t say the words out loud. I am afraid I would hurt Comot’s feeling. Yes Comot is not a living thing, but I always think that Comot is.

I feel guilty for looking at other cars and adore them, though I already have Comot.

It feels like I am looking at other guys while my boyfriend is sitting next to me.

ps: I love you, Comot.

pps: I hate it when people start the about-me-should-get-a-new-car conversation.

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