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[E] Think out of the box

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I have just completed one of the most challenging task I have been ever assigned with. The task sounds so simple,

“Print a follow up document after 14 days the first document is printed out for a Service Plan.”

This one task took me almost 2 months to figure out the solution. Thanks to those with helping hands, helped me out by google-ing and providing me the forums regarding the task.

From this one task, I learned a lot of things:

  • For complicated task, draw the flows. Write down the algorithms.
  • Build the structures of the flow.
  • For each part of the structure, get it done one by one.
  • Place the working parts together and then link them.
  • Test and if it fails, figure out other possible structures.

Most importantly, Think out of the box.

ps: So now, I can balik raya!!

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