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[E] How to have a productive day

I want my to-do list to be like this

I want my to-do list to be like this

Source: WikiHow


  • Before bed
    • Lay out the clothes you will need for the next day.
      • I do this only for Win. For me, I think about what to wear for the day after bath.
    • Prepare a lunch or breakfast waiting to grab out of the fridge.

      • I do this in the next morning. Prepare lunch and bring it to the office.
    • Tidy up a bit. This step shouldn’t take more than 2-3 minutes per room of your house. This is not the time to start a major cleaning project, just pick up the socks and underwear and be done with it.

      • I do, sometimes.
    • Go to sleep in plenty of time to feel refreshed in the morning.

      • I LOIKE~ I go to bed at 10++.
  • Before Work
    • Make your bed.
      • My bed is very easy to make. NO problem.
    • Make an effort to grab garbage out of the car and throw it away on your way to work.
      • Erk, can i throw it under the car, where I park? 😛
    • Leave the house early enough to arrive at work a few minutes ahead of time. This will assure you have a bit of time to settle in before your day begins.
      • Only if I finished making the lunch & dinner on time.
  • At Work
    • Create or review your to-do list of what has to be done for the day.
    • Prioritize your list by order of importance
    • Complete your to-do’s, crossing them off as you go. Re-prioritize as needed or as new projects come up.
    • Tidy your desk before you leave. Prepare your work area for the next day.
  • After Work/School
    • Relax for a bit, knowing you had a productive day at work.
      • Relax until I fall asleep 😛
    • Make supper, if needed.
      • Win drinks hot Nescafe as supper.
    • Serve and eat dinner.
      • Sometimes Win help me with this
    • Plan your morning routine. Do this by reviewing your calendar to see what’s coming up the next day and by making a to-do list as suggested in the tips.
      • Erk, I never try this.
    • Tuck in anyone that needs to be tucked in.
      • Tuck who?
    • Start over with step 1 under “Before Bed” to assure you have another productive day tomorrow.
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