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[E] Spoiler alert

Do not proceed reading this entry if you wish to watch Twilight Eclipse soon.

What I think about the movie Win and I watched last nite?

Personally, I think it is below my expectation. Is it because I have read the book Eclipse & The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner? Well, I guess. Win said there were too much talking, no wonder the guy in front of me snored so loud – it makes everybody in the cinema sleepy including me. (Or maybe I was sleepy because I was full eating cake before that?). The movie is adapted from the book, what more could I expect? The book is filled with a girl-who-fell-deeply-in-love-with-vampire feelings towards her Edward – and not much actions involved.

  • But just because there were eye candy Edward and shirtless Jacob in most of the scenes, I managed to refrain myself from falling asleep. Thee hee hee. One star.
  • The part where I wanted to watch so much – Jacob and Bella in the sleeping bag part – it went like what I imagined when I read the book. One star.
  • The fighting scenes between the newly-created-young-vampires-army and the werewolves are OK, it was not that boring after all. One star.
  • Bree Tanner’s scene was so short and she didn’t have any opportunity to introduce herself as Bree Tanner at all. Kesian. I like her. Minus one star.
  • In this third movie, the vampires look like broken marble statues when they were attacked whereas in the two previous movies, they look like any other human with flesh! They should have made this effect in the previous two movies because that’s how it has been describe in the books. Duh. Minus one star.

So, I’d give 3 out of 5 stars.

ps: This is just my personal thought. If you are not agree with it, go watch it yourself. Daa~

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