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[E] Gain weight and memory lost

It has been one month since Win and I moved to the ground-floor house. No more stairs to climb up and down every time we go to work pheww~

Last time I checked my weight right after we settled with moving in stuff to the new house, I was 46kg. Really really skinny and surely underweight. And now after one month, JENG JENG JENGGGG… I am 51.1kg and OH I AM SO HAPPY I AM GETTING FATTER~!

Oh ya~ yesterday we picked Comot up from the workshop and yeay Comot is back in action. Comot has this ‘ketuk’ scar at the back of its right side and a new grey bumper too! The funny thing is, the so-called ‘touch-up’ paint they did on Comot scar is SHINIER then Comot’s original color (which is pale red) so.. Comot does look a bit weird haha. It’s ok Comot, as long as you are here to send me to work.. I am happy.

This morning I went to work with Comot and as usual, I locked Comot’s steering with the steering lock – tight. But when I looked at my car keys, EH WHERE IS THE STEERING LOCK KEY?

Oh I remembered, we took it out when we sent Comot to the workshop that day. (T_T) I left the steering lock key at home.

Now here I am in the office, unable to go home coz I locked Comot’s steering.


Anybody. HELP. (T_T)

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  1. December 2, 2010 at 1:38 PM

    cpt ko membesar wehhh…lg 2 bln leh la lawan berat aku!!! hahaha

    • December 2, 2010 at 1:42 PM

      haah cepat. makan minum tido tak payah naik tangga memang boleh menggumokkan badan wa cakap lu

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